They talk about élastic

I am delighted to recommend Élastic and Nicole Champagnol who knew how to create a project that perfectly matched our expectations. By listening, understanding our needs and controlling deadlines, Nicole suggests ingenious solutions to arrange a space in an optimal way. Thank you to her!

Marie B.
Paris, France
Madame Champagnol accompanied us throughout the design, construction and even now when the work is finished. During our many discussions, she always demonstrated a great ability to listen and always took our opinions into account. She was regularly on site to follow the progress of the work and to take stock with the various contractors. She always replied very promptly to our countless questions. We are very satisfied with the result and our living space is now very pleasant.

Catherine C.
For the development of my last two real estate projects I worked in close collaboration with the architectural agency Élastic. The speed and availability of the teams allowed me to be very responsive to my various contacts and to leave no technical question unanswered. Today I want to highlight their professionalism which allowed me to optimise the quality of my two real estate projects.

Frank M.
Paris, France
Very good working with Nicole who listens well, gives good advice, and suggests the material and skilled tradesmen to produce the perfect success. A completely redesigned apartment that everyone admires!

Elisabeth O.
Élastic’s transformation of our Parisian duplex apartment for a family with two young children has stood the test of time and still satisfies us today, when we have two teenagers.

Stéphane C.
Paris, France
The Élastic team has consistently transformed my ideas into graphic representations that meet my strict requirements for both quality and function. They regularly offer multiple options for me to choose from and provide creative solutions that I would not have thought of myself. I can count on them to manage the projects in their entirety from demolition to the delivery of a completed apartment. I shall confidently continue to assign new projects to Élastic.

Ryan M.
Élastic and its team has worked on our residential project from the beginning of the construction. They managed to adapt to our taste and wishes in the minutest detail, keeping in mind our quality requirements. They have produced all the construction drawings for partitioning, finishes, electricity, plumbing, joinery, fitted cupboards and kitchen. They recommended specialized suppliers for all the specifics of our project. They showed patience, professionalism, a good sense of reality and gave us tons of advice. Even now, if we need to go over something already agreed for a second time, elastic remains attentive and answers our questions. We are very happy and satisfied with this partnership.

Elisabeth R.
Here is, I believe, a true description of our experience during this project, and the constructive partnership we had with Élastic. Our project lasted 6 to 8 months, depending on whether you take into account the summer holiday months where it is always difficult for a building site to develop. Our project took place in 3 phases:
- A Preliminary design in answer to our very vague brief: we wanted to combine the kitchen and living area into one room
- Selection of suppliers and the main pieces of furniture such as the table, chairs and lights
- Building supervision
The first phase was very involved with multiple exchanges between us, including a series of questions from Elastic so that they could fully understand our wishes, tastes and style.
This also enabled us to challenge ourselves, to take us beyond our initial ambitions and our comfort zone, which in my opinion is the key added value an interior architect can bring. Elastic also took into account our non-negotiable wishes – for example the sink facing the window.
At the end of phase 1, we were asked to choose between 3 options 1 of which stood out clearly for the strong point of having excellent harmony and homogeneity with the kitchen furniture on one side and the bookcase wall on the other, and a magnificent integration with the chimney. Looking back, this layout is extremely agreeable to live in. The work was carried out on a regular basis with a light touch which enabled excellent cost control. Elastic was smart enough to adapt its input in a way that maximized the strengths and thus their added value. For example, this provided high quality services such as cabinet maker and mason; and both high quality and creativity in the decorations requested.
In summary, we have a memory of an exciting project, sometimes extremely addictive, which required us to change our life style while the work was being carried out, but what a result!
We have nothing but praise for this achievement which delights in summer and in winter.

Eric B.
We were fortunate to engage Élastic to renovate our apartment in the Marais. We wanted to keep the historic feel of the place and the sense of open space and natural light, but we wanted better scale and proportion, better interior finishes and storage. The design and construction process went very smoothly – with many of our discussions and decisions done via email since we live in the States – and we have been extremely pleased with the result. Through the creative placement of walls, new interior windows and new built-ins, Élastic was able to fashion for us an apartment that feels “right”.

Neill H.
Washington DC, USA
We highly recommend Nicole. She created a jewel of an apartment, working closely with us to transform our ideas into reality and make the most of the space. She oversaw all aspects of the renovation during our long absences, keeping us informed, keeping the project on schedule and solving any problems that arose. She delivered a very high quality of work via her network of skilled contractors. Her openness, warm personality, motivation and collaborative approach made her a pleasure to work with.

Gill K. / Kent E.
England / Sweden
We are very satisfied with the way Nicole Champagnol led the project to renovate our apartment. The final result has completely met our expectations. We have also recommended Élastic to several other people. During the work we communicated in a flexible way as often as required (weekly site meetings, telephone, text messages, emails etc), including where necessary with the contractors involved. There were several updates sent to us and to the other parties concerned, allowing everyone to have a clear view of the progress of the work. Nicole Champagnol was able to support us in clarifying our project thanks to her ability to listen and advise. She has shown great flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency.

Ines B.
We contacted Élastic in 2017 to redesign and apartment in the mountains and to supervise the work. The building having been burnt down, our apartment had to be completely rebuilt. It is an apartment that we rent out. So, it was necessary to make it attractive to wide range of clients. Elastic listened to us and proposed plans that were different to the previous ones, bringing improvements we had not envisaged. Nicole Champagnol contacted the person responsible for the reconstruction of the building, supervised the sanitary work, water supplies, waste system, electrical network, walls etc. She took control of the works when the building reconstruction was complete, managing all the fitting out work, including the orders and the installation of the decorations from the teaspoons to the curtains. And we took delivery of a fully furnished, bright, original apartment, whose space was thought out intelligently. We had a burnt down apartment and we received one ready to move into. This was achieved without conflict, smoothly, and made life easy. I recommend Elastic for all jobs, big or small. Thanks to Nicole Champagnol the process was a pleasure. She is at the same time attentive and suggests creative solutions. If we had other work to do we would call Élastic without hesitation.

Sophie A.
It’s been said that building or renovating a house or apartment is as stressful as getting a divorce or losing your job. If that is true then renovating a property that’s on the opposite side of the world takes the opportunity for stress to entirely new levels.
We purchased an apartment in the 3rd Arrondissement. Being in the Marais district the building dated from sometime in the 18th Century and nothing had been done to the inside for quite a long time. As we intended to place the apartment on the short-term holiday rental market we knew that a complete remodeling was necessary, and as we wanted to aim at the top end of the market an imaginative and stylish design was essential – but naturally within an achievable budget.
We were very fortunate to be referred to Élastic Architects and especially so in that we dealt with Nicole Champagnol, the principal of the practice. As we live in Australia simply “dropping in” on the project was obviously out of the question so an enormous level of faith and trust was placed in Nicole, and every bit of that trust has been amply repaid.
I have spent my career in the commercial building industry in Australia and it was a great relief to me to find that Nicole approached the management of the contract for our work with a level of detail and rigor that is not usually found in residential construction. Quotations and estimates were detailed and concise, drawings were clear and complete and her sense of style and ability to interpret the “feel” that we wanted to achieve were perfect for our taste. Additionally, Nicole engaged the builder and other sub-contractors that we used, and managed every aspect of the work right to the point when we arrived in Paris to accept hand-over of our new investment. Our apartment is so lovely that it’s like our second home and we hate having to let other people live in it.
Probably the standout element in dealing with Nicole is her commitment to communicating with her clients. My French is reasonable and her English is good, so at no stage were there any misunderstandings. The quality of the project is excellent as shown by the fact that four years on, and with high occupancy rates, the property is in outstanding condition. Even where there has been normal wear and tear (floor finished for example) Nicole has immediately assisted in advising the best approach to maintenance.
It is a pleasure to offer this testimonial of a wonderfully creative architect, and to recommend her outstanding professionalism to any potential clients.

Tony H.
Tony H. Scotland Island, Australia