Ils nous font confiance




Stéphane C. — Paris, France

La transformation par ELASTiC de notre appartement parisien en duplex pour une famille avec deux jeunes enfants a résisté à l’épreuve du temps et nous satisfait toujours aujourd’hui, alors que nous avons de grands adolescents.

Frank M. — Paris, France

Pour la réalisation de mes deux derniers projets immobiliers, j'ai travaillé en étroite collaboration avec le l'agence d'architecture ELASTIC. La rapidité et la disponibilité des équipes m'ont permis d'être très réactifs face à mes différents interlocuteurs et de laisser aucune question technique sans réponse. Aujourd'hui, je souhaite mettre en avant leur professionnalisme qui m'a permis d'optimiser la qualité de mes deux projets immobiliers.

Tony H. — Scotland Island, Australia

It’s been said that building or renovating a house or apartment is as stressful as getting a divorce or losing your job. If that is true then renovating a property that’s on the opposite side of the world takes the opportunity for stress to entirely new levels.

We purchased an apartment in the 3rd Arrondissement in December 2010 and gained possession in March 2011 after the existing tenant moved out. Being in the Marais district the building dated from sometime in the 18th Century and nothing had been done to the inside for quite a long time. As we intended to place the apartment on the short-term holiday rental market we knew that a complete remodeling was necessary, and as we wanted to aim at the top end of the market an imaginative and stylish design was essential – but naturally within an achievable budget.

We were very fortunate to be referred to Elastic Architects and especially so in that we dealt with Nicole Champagnol, the principal of the practice. As we live in Australia simply “dropping in” on the project was obviously out of the question so an enormous level of faith and trust was placed in Nicole, and every bit of that trust has been amply repaid.

I have spent my career in the commercial building industry in Australia and it was a great relief to me to find that Nicole approached the management of the contract for our work with a level of detail and rigor that is not usually found in residential construction. Quotations and estimates were detailed and concise, drawings were clear and complete and her sense of style and ability to interpret the “feel” that we wanted to achieve were perfect for our taste. Additionally Nicole engaged the builder and other sub-contractors that we used, and managed every aspect of the work right to the point when we arrived in Paris to accept hand-over of our new investment. Our apartment is so lovely that it’s like our second home and we hate having to let other people live in it.

Probably the standout element in dealing with Nicole is her commitment to communicating with her clients. My French is reasonable and her English is good, so at no stage were there any misunderstandings. The quality of the project is excellent as shown by the fact that four years on, and with high occupancy rates, the property is in outstanding condition. Even where there has been normal wear and tear (floor finished for example) Nicole has immediately assisted in advising the best approach to maintenance.

It is a pleasure to offer this testimonial of a wonderfully creative architect, and to recommend her outstanding professionalism to any potential clients.

Gill K. — England / Kent E. — Sweden

We highly recommend Nicole. She created a jewel of an apartment, working closely with us to transform our ideas into reality and make the most of the space. She oversaw all aspects of the renovation during our long absences, keeping us informed, keeping the project on schedule and solving any problems that arose. She delivered a very high quality of work via her network of skilled contractors. Her openness, warm personality, motivation and collaborative approach made her a pleasure to work with.

Neill H. — Washington DC, USA

"We were fortunate to engage ELASTiC to renovate our apartment in the Marais.  We wanted to keep the historic feel of the place and the sense of open space and natural light, but we wanted better scale and proportion, better interior finishes and storage.  The design and construction process went very smoothly -- with many of our discussions and decisions done via email since we live in the States -- and we have been extremely pleased with the result.  Through the creative placement of walls, new interior windows and new built-ins, ELASTiC was able to fashion for us an apartment that feels "right".  

Ryan M. — Cobblestone Properties, Paris

The ELASTiC team has consistently transformed my ideas into graphic representations that meet my strict requirements for both quality and function. They regularly offer multiple options for me to choose from and provide creative solutions that I would not have thought of myself. I can count on them to manage the projects in their entirety from demolition to the delivery of a completed apartment. I shall confidently continue to assign new projects to ELASTiC.